Established 1910

Part of this building served as the Southern Hotel. If was constructed back in 1910 by Judge D. F. Morrow to repalce an older structure of the same name that had been on the site since before the Civil War.  Historic documents from 1916 descibe the hotel has having private rooms to accommodate twenty-eight people on the sceond floor and a lobby, foyer, dining room and barber shop on the first floor. The hotel kitchen sat behind the hotel on Taylor Street.

In the 1940's the hotel need substantial repairs in order to continue to operate. It was converted into a hardware store in 1947.  Today Hill's Hardware is a staple in downtown Rutherfordton. Family owned for generations with much of the exterior kept in tact as it was in the days of the Southern Hotel.  In fact, the grand staircase that once led guests to their rooms, still stand today. Stop in and say hey to Shelly and Donna and take a look around!