Home to America's first $1 gold coin

Built in 1837, it became the home to Christopher Bechtler in 1838 and forever forged in the history books at the home of America's first $1 gold coin.

Imagine Rutherford County in the 1830s - dirt roads, horse-drawn carriages, a community on the brink of an economic boom. The Bechtler Family moved to North Carolina right when gold fever was hitting the state. Local miners and businessmen appealed to the U.S. government to establish a mint to meet the needs of the burgeoning gold industry. Congress ignored the request. Christopher Bechtler did not. During the 1830s Bechtler minted more than $2.24 million dollars in gold coins, stimulating commerce in the Southeast and leaving a permanent legacy to both Rutherford County and American history.

Bechtler Today

A plan to preserve and promote the Bechtler Heritage began over two years ago and reached a significant milestone in 2015 with the purchase of the original 1837 Bechtler House as a heritage center. Today, the Bechtler House is open to the public and showcases period artifacts and exhibits that transport visitors back to the 1830s and tell the Bechtler Story. The house also serves as the headquarters of the NC Gold Trail, which connects over 27 counties with historical significance from the NC gold rush.

Leave your mark on the Gold Mile

You too can help preserve this important part of North Carolina history by purchasing your own coin through a donation to the Bechtler Fund. Each coin can be customized with a dedication message. Coins are included with donations of $200 or more.

Visit the Bechtler House and Mint Site

While in town don't forget to visit the Bechtler House located at 130 W. 6th Street in Rutherfordton and the Bechtler Mint Historic Park just three miles north of the Bechtler House where you can walk on the "Hidden Floor of Gold" and peak into the old mine.